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Whos Still Standing?


The mechanism of the game provides a player located at the center of the screen, with around it 10 opponents, positioned above a trapdoor. At each round, the player chooses a challenger, they will be asked questions of general culture first one and then another, the goal of course is to not fall into the trapdoor, which opens in case of wrong answer.The player must give the answer which displays some letters within 30 seconds. Who will remain standing above the platform, eliminating all other opponents, win the whole prize pool of $ 100,000.The player, in case of difficulties, has three lives bonus that, if used, enabling him to pass the question to his challenger, forcing him to answer.Game features:* Multiplayer mode, you can challenge your friends online.* Single Player mode with over 30 levels to beat.* Local and Online Ranking.* Optimized for all type of screens.* Ability to install the game on SD.
Have fun.This game is just for fun does not intend to harm anyone and no brand associated with it.No Copyright.All other trademarks and trade names are the property of their respective owners.